Quality Australian Made Heat bags

Quality Australian Made Heat Bags

100% Cotton and Aussie Lupin


Your neck and shoulder muscle soreness can be relieved right away with the great coverage and contour of this brand new design which is available in 2 sizes.


We currently have 21 different styles of Heat Bags available in 5 great new colours. All of our Heat Bags are 100% cotton corduroy. Simply heat for 1 minute in a 1000w microwave oven.


Extra large lumbar heatbag.  Great for the lower part of the back.  Has 16 divisions to soothe your aches and pains. 100% Aussie lupin and available in 5 colours.


The lupin back pack is one of our most popular heatbags, providing pain relief to the pad at the mid shoulder blade area and extra length at the front to provide heat pain relief on the collar bone area.


All of HeatbagsPlus Products underwent Laboratory Testing with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia and Enersol Laboratories In Sydney in September 2018 All of our Products Passed all of the mandatory new requirements for the safe use of Heatpacks to the Australian Public. You Can rest assured that we are giving you the best quality Product which is backed up by our 6 Month warranty on our workmanship.


At Heat Bags Plus, we provide invoicing options tailored for NDIS providers. All invoices need to be paid by an NDIS Plan Manager and will be posted once the invoice has been finalised. Please fill out the following information and we will be in touch.


Lupin is a Legume which grows like a pea in a pod but is harvested in the same way as wheat.

The desired heating for each individual product is on the product tag. However, it is recommended to heat for 1 minute in a 1000-Watt Microwave initially and then 30 second increments to reach the desired heat. Smaller designs will only need 30 seconds in a 1000-Watt Microwave and 15 second increments. Please test on inside of arm prior to use.

No, it is not necessary as Lupin produces its own moisture. By actually adding water to the microwave it will have the opposite effect, it will not heat the bag to the required temperature and will give a false idea to heat the bag on a higher setting for longer period of time.

Yes, you can. Simply go to our wholesale portal page and sign up.

Yes. If the bag has become soiled, you can hand wash in soapy water and rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. It is preferred to line dry each product in the shade however they can be tumble dried if necessary.


I love my Back Pack and use it most nights while painting or watching TV. My daughter also loves it when she calls in to visit so I have ordered her one for her birthday.  Thanks for this great product.

Gowrie, 5 Stars

We absolutely love these products. They keep the heat for a long time. Being able to shape them to area that requires heat is good too.

Karen Griffiths, 5 Stars

Patricia is absolutely thrilled with her Heat Bag – Thank you so much for sending it so quickly.  She has been strapping a hot water bottle to herself for years.  I will be heading your way soon to pick up my other two I have ordered.  Thanks again!

Heather, 5 Stars

I bought two of these combos for my sister in law and her husband. (I love these products and have a few of my own.) They arrived earlier than I thought (interstate address) and both have been used already. Feedback from them was the products retained heat for quite a while and enabled the muscles to relax, therefore a better night’s rest was attained. Thank you Melissa!

Jennifer H, 5 Stars

Very impressed with the purchase, it’s much better than those I have previously purchased at major stores. A must buy for anyone with lower back issues.

Purchased the Kiddie Heat Hug for my grandson and he loves it, he won’t go to bed without it.

J D Knight, 5 Stars

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