Back Pack Heat Bag

The lupin back pack is one of our most popular heatbags. It gives heat pain relief on the center of the neck area, providing heat pain relief to the pad at the mid shoulder blade area and extra length at the front to provide heat pain relief on the collar bone area.

Comfortable enough to wear to bed , remember the longer you keep it covered the warmer it stays. 26,000 customers have purchased this back pack and i have never had one disappointed customer in 14 years!

A lot of my customers have returned to purchase for family or friends at $49.95 it is still priced well below any other type on the market today.

Heat Bag Neck Wrap

Our ALL NEW Neck Wrap heat bag gives heat pain relief to the entire neck area.

Order yours today for only $31.95

Latest Customer Reviews

by Phillipa Delaney on 8 Panel Lumbar / Thigh Heat Bag
8 Panel Heat Bags

I buy at least three of these every year as they are constantly in use.I have RA and nerve damage with sore knees and hips and aching cold from nerve damage in my thighs.They are even in use in the summer on my thighs with the air conditioner on.These a just the right size and hold the heat well.I used to love my hot water bottle but a very serious burn I no longer use it and have found the heat bags much easier to use and more comfortable.thanks for sending them so promptly.Will be back to order again next year.

My 92yo Mother-in-Law loves them!

Thank you Cheryl, Easy to order, quick delivery to Tasmania, and product as described. I recommend this product. My 92yo mother in law loves these. She says they hold the heat better than anything else she has tried and likes the soft material.

by Amanda Metro Trains Vic on Regular Comforter Heat Bag
Happy Employees

Hi CherylI just wanted to drop you a line to say how thankful our employees are and how happy they are with the Heatbags,I have had several enquiries regarding where to buy the different varieties and there have been many recommendations to supply these to people who hurt themselves at work as part of their return to work packages. 

by Sharon Geelong Victoria on 4 Division tie bag
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

Hi CherylI have just received your parcel Thank you so much for my Heatbag It's the perfect size for my hips.Thanks so much for your prompt service and as always it's an absolute pleasure to deal with youEnjoy your day Cheryl

by Tammy Mc Naturopath/Masseur/Acupuncturist Swan Hill Vic on Back Pack
Absolutely Love them

Hi CherylJust wanted to place another order with you guys as your product is just flying out of my clinic.Thanks for providing such a great quality and ingeniously designed productThanks for your help once again

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The Back Pack is a long standing favourite and a great gift idea for a family or friend or just for yourself if you are looking to ease your aches and pains look no further.

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This is a follow up to your request for information regarding
Testing of HeatbagsPlus Products With regards to Laboratory testing of nine of your Products HeatBagsPlus 8 Panel/Lumbar Thigh..TGA conducted this testing to investigate the potential for overheating microwaveable Heat Packs.A standard for these products is in Development as of 2015.

As the laboratory investigation was to conducted to develop methods ,and not to assess compliance with regulatory requirements individualised laboratory reports have been produced.
Your Product was selected for inclusion in this project as it is filled with a material of interest for comparative purposes.Your Product did not display any overheating according to the preliminary methods used.